Domestic Violence

Our grantee represented Ms. Knight in a Civil Protection Order (CPO) modification case against the father of her two young sons. A modified CPO was granted after a judge found that Ms. Knight’s ex-boyfriend assaulted her and broke into her home, and Ms. Knight was awarded temporary custody of her sons, with no visitation for the father. Shortly after this decision, Ms. Knight filed a complaint for custody, and our grantee again agreed to represent her in obtaining permanent custody of the children.

Ms. Knight has serious health problems, and it was a challenge for her to sit through trial and testify about the lengthy abuse. Our grantee’s attorney helped her present witnesses in support of her case — social workers who had provided counseling and support to Ms. Knight and her children and Ms. Knight’s family members who witnessed her ex-boyfriend abusing the children. The attorney also called a court security guard as a witness to testify about an altercation the ex-boyfriend got into with court security when entering the court on the first day of the custody trial. At the conclusion of the lengthy trial, the judge encouraged Ms. Knight to come to an agreement with the father. With the support of our grantee attorney however, she decided to wait for the judge’s decision.

In the end, the judge issued a fully favorable decision for Ms. Knight, granting her sole legal and sole physical custody of her children.