• Without LRAP, I would not be able to sustain my work as an attorney representing one of the most vulnerable populations in DC – abused and neglected children. LRAP has given me the freedom to pursue this line of work where I can interact with families to reunify children with their parents or find them forever homes.

    LRAP Recipient and Guardian Ad Litem Attorney at the Children’s Law Center

  • LRAP enables me to pursue a career in public interest law, specifically providing direct representation to low-income DC residents in domestic violence and family law matters. Without the assistance of LRAP, it would not be possible for me to provide these services, especially only a few years out of law school. Instead, I would have to work at a for-profit institution and hope that I could one day pursue public interest once my loans had been paid off. LRAP is truly a great resource for those of us who wish to use our careers to serve the low-income residents in our community.

    LRAP Recipient and Staff Attorney at DC Volunteer Lawyers Project

  • Getting an LRAP award enables me to pursue a career serving the low income community, rather than just a year or two in the field before having to move on to a better paying job. This assistance makes it possible for me to do things like have a family and raise kids in DC, buy a house, and even plan to retire after a long career in the public interest field. Without programs like the DC LRAP, there’s no way I could ever do any of those things and stay in my public interest job.

    LRAP Recipient and Immigration Supervising Attorney at Ayuda