Partner Profile: Christopher Hatfield

Each month, we highlight the efforts of those who work to make the justice system more accessible for DC residents. This Partner Profile features Christopher Hatfield, a member of the Young Lawyers Network Leadership Council.

Christopher Hatfield

Associate Attorney

Trout Cacheris & Janis PLLC

Years on the Job

Where did you grow up?
New Hampshire

What brought you to DC?
My job and my wife.

What was your first job in DC, and what did you learn?
My current job, where I learn how to handle new, difficult challenges every day.


Daily Habit
My cat has trained me to brush her every morning.

Favorite app
Other than boring ones, I need my Feedly reader.

Favorite Movie
Forrest Gump

Favorite Restaurant
Equinox, Smoke & Barrel, Fare Well

Favorite Vacation Spot
My wife and I loved our honeymoon in Bali.

Guilty Pleasure
I’m a beer snob & spend too much on rare bottles.

One Item from your Bucket List
1. Create a bucket list.

I also am Executive Editor at

One thing (other than your phone) you never leave the house without is…
Reusable bags. That DC Bag Tax does its job.


Most rewarding element of your work
Knowing I made a difference for my client.

If I hadn’t become a lawyer, I would be a…


Legal aid is important to me because . . .
It’s important to give back to my community.

Your dream for our legal system is…
A more diverse judiciary and law enforcement


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