Rochanda Hiligh-Thomas

Partner Profile: Rochanda Hiligh-Thomas

Each month, we highlight the efforts of those who work to make the justice system more accessible for DC residents. This Partner Profile features Rochanda Hiligh-Thomas, Executive Director of Advocates for Justice and Education, Inc and recipient of the 2017 Scoutt Prize.​

Rochanda Hiligh-Thomas

Executive Director

Advocates for Justice and Education

Years on the Job
Almost 13 years

Little Known Fact About Your Organization
Our first office was located in Allen Chapel AME Church on Alabama Ave., SE

Where did you grow up?
Washington, D.C.

What brought you to DC?
It’s home

What was your first job in DC, and what did you learn?
Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment. I learned word processing.


Daily Habit
Prayer with my children

Favorite app
Word Streak

Favorite Movie
Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Vacation Spot
Virginia Beach

Guilty Pleasure
Chocolate chip cookies and milk

One Item from your Bucket List
Travel to South Africa

Reading fiction and writing poetry

Your News Source
Newspapers, radio and t.v.

One thing (other than your phone) you never leave the house without is…
My purse


Most rewarding element of your work
Empowering others to self advocate

If I hadn’t become a lawyer, I would be a…


Legal aid is important to me because . . .
It provides access to basic necessities

My dream for the legal system is…
Equitable access to fair & just resolutions

The most pressing civil legal aid issue in DC is…
Economic stability & habitable housing


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